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Our clients vary in size and nature. In our portfolio, you can see big market players along with start-up companies. We give all our clients the same care and attention and work to provide interactive solutions that make their lives easier. We analyze their corporate cultures and behaviors to define the needs and the context. As we get to know our clients better, we open ourselves to new collaboration opportunities. Our job is to transform and to grow your company or brand with our services. Whether it’s finding digital solutions, designing your corporate identity or social media communication our goal remains the same: To create and execute an interaction between you and your audience.

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We create interactions that transform brands, grow businesses and make our clients lives better. We take an interdisciplinary approach — blending the practices of design, technology and branding — to create modern interactive solutions.


From idea phase to the management of your portal... We provide tailor-made online solutions from start to finish. 


We develop mobile web sites and native mobile applications for iOs, Android and Windows Phone 8.


Interaction starts with your corporate identity; that’s why we work to create (or revise) your brand identity from scratch for that very first moment of contact.


We choose the social media platforms that fit your brand perfectly and we work for the right positioning of your brand in this sea.


Our artwork strives to make an impact. No matter what medium or size, we design with a keen eye for your brand aesthetics.


With our publishing experience both for online and offline media; we provide regular content for your mediums and enrich your brand with dynamic and up-to-date material. 


Sodamedya doesn’t create interactive solutions that only cater to web or mobile solutions but we work to provide interactive experiences that have a place in daily lives and physical world. 

Stop by our office some time.  You will have the chance to savor our freshly pressed coffee and encounter talented individuals who are all experts in their own fields. Designers, developers, project managers, strategists… But unlike conventional agencies, we don’t have a hierarchical structure because we don’t believe that creativity can be held under the monopoly of certain positions.

We work to make it possible for every individual in our team to create the maximum value. We want each of their voices heard. We enjoy seeing design, technology and strategy in a strong blend (like our coffee, yes). Because we know that it is this blend which stands at the core of today’s interactive world.


Ender Ayna

"What makes our team successful? Well, the answer can be seen in the years of working together. The individuals that make up Sodamedya; don’t work to bring a creative touch to what they do but they do it naturally because of their passion for their work. The fact that they are interesting people both in and outside the office makes it an interesting team that one wants to work with."

Özgür Poyrazoğlu

"We believe the right project management can only be done through the right context management. We put our vision and experience at our client’s service when defining that context. When our expertise is combined with our sincerity and creativity it creates an enthusiasm in everyone we work with."


Our biggest strength comes from the fact that we have seen both sides of the table. When working with Sodamedya, you can trust that through our own investments we’ve already been through what you are going through and that it’s finally time to share that experience with you. We take our inspiration from the future and what excites us the most is to inspire others.


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Our works are approved with great awards.

For some, it’s all about sales and results. For others, it’s about winning that next big award. At Sodamedya sales and good results brought us great awards.



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